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  Release notes 

  • V0.4.1 [2012-04-01]:
    • Bug fix : days count computation didn't work well with time change weeks (for example in France)

  • V0.4 [2011-12-13]:
    • Internationalization (supported languages : english, french)
    • Performance optimizations
    • SWT upgrade (v3.2=>v3.6.2)
    • JFace upgrade (v3.2=>v3.7.0)
    • Eclipse libraries update (v3.2.0=>v3.6.0)
    • Bug fix : in the contribution tab, when a week contribution is removed, the sums are now updated

  • V0.3 [2006-12-19]:
    • Added a task search feature

    • Added a task selection history in the task chooser popup

    • Added a column sort feature on the collaborators tab

    • Added a activation feature on the duration and collaborators tabs

    • Added a contribution sum for each day

    • Added automatic refresh on the contribution tab when :
      • a duration is modified, added or removed
      • a collaborator is modified, added or removed
      • a task is modified, added or removed

    • Added a copy/paste feature between the tasks tab and the contributions tab
    • Added a comment column in the tasks tree tab
    • Added tasks code paths in the contributions list popup
    • Added a remove feature on the contributions tab
    • Added automatic .xls extension for EXEL exports
    • SWT/JFace graphic library upgrade (v3.1=>v3.2)

  • V0.2.1 [2006-11-28]:
    • Added XSL based documentation builder (misc/doc)
    • Fixed sample reports configuration bug (missing / ahead task path)

  • Activity Manager V0.2 [2006-03-29]:
    • Added linux compatibility
    • Added standalone mode (with an embedded HSQLDB database)
    • Added automatic database initialization (light weight installation steps)
    • Added durations repository administration
    • Added XML database export/import
    • Added EXCEL export of SWT tables
    • Added 'About' tab with general information
    • Added next/previous month/year navigability in the contributions tab
    • Added up and down accelerators to move tasks

  • Activity Manager V0.1 [2005-12-18]:
    • Collaborators repository administration
    • Tasks repository administration
    • Contributions management (=activity management)
    • Extensible report facility (with built in templates)