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Activity Manager is a project management tool. It helps a project leader to manage and check his collaborators activity. Simple to use, lightweight, but very efficient and customizable !

Activity Manager is open source software. You can use it and redistribute it freely (see legal for more details).

The tool's features are :

  • Durations repository administration
  • Collaborators repository administration
  • Tasks repository administration
  • Contributions management (=activity management)
  • Extensible report facility (with built in templates)
  • XML database export/import
  • EXCEL export

The application allows to build and maintain a hierarchical task tree. It works with a very simple database model that allows to build quicly custom reports through the report facility or through simple SQL requests. Activity Manager is customizable.

Coded in Java, Activity Manager can be used in three different modes :

  • Standalone mode (with an embeded HSQL database)
  • MySQL Server mode
  • Custom mode (user defined database for skilled users)
Custom mode may require advanced java notions, like CLASSPATH manipulation, particulary if you wish to use a database which is different from MySql and HSQL.

It has been tested on Windows 7 and Xubuntu and may work with any version of MySQL.

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